Tuff Grip is an innovative company involved in the design, manufacture and distribution of gloves. As a brand, we offer top quality products with the latest innovations in design, brought to the retailer at a competitive price point. We focus on assisting retailer sales; every product in our range is retail packed with a barcode as standard. We offer permanent POS displays, merchandising display strips and seasonal displays. We are constantly challenging ourselves to improve our products and service, the industry is forever changing and we will never stand still, our mission is to always have the latest designs and packaging coupled with the best service to our distributors and retailer customers.

How we do this?

Latest Knitting Technology

is used to provide the upmost efficiency during manufacturing and produces consistent quality with rounded smooth fingers which are the correct length and an overall comfortable fit.


is the most important factor in the production of our gloves and so a vertically integrated system is utilised in the manufacturing process, from the yarndevelopment to the liner knitting, the dipping processes and finally packaging, everything is carried out under one roof so that we can ensure strict quality control is applied across all processes.

Fully Automated Dipping

Lines are utilised in the production of our gloves resulting in the best quality, efficiency and repeatability. The dip line and finish on each glove is almost identical.


quality and presentation is of the upmost importance, at Tuff Grip we believe the packaging should reflect the quality of the product. All gloves are sold in retail packaging as standard; either header cards, poly bags or colour cartons are used depending on glove type these bear essential information for users and retailers such as product description, sizes, safety standards and barcodes.

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